Zambia Medical Mission

RaG-US was a part of a medical missions trip to Zambia in June. We joined up with a team hosted by Helping Hands, a ministry of Joyce Meyers, and conducted multi-day medical clinics at a high school in Sioma, and a village school on the other side of the Zambezi.

We also visited a village where RaG-ZA had started ministry. All of the 100+ students in that village school were being provided lunch every day at a nearby feeding station provided by RaG-ZA. The day we were there, RaG-ZA’s well drilling rig dropped a new well in the center of the village, so they had fresh, healthful water for the first time ever.  Prior to that, the only water was a quarter mile away from the Zambezi.

Pictures from the trip are in a gallery on the Adventures page.

One our way out of Zambia, we spent the night  in Livingston and walked to Victoria Falls. It truly is one of the wonders of God’s creation.

RaG-US is planning on a similar trip in 2017. Stay tuned for details.

Author: Hal Bredbenner

Vice-President of Reaching a Generation USA, Inc. Executive Pastor, North Haven Church, Raleigh, NC.